Expectations Exceeded.

This is amazing. Just absolutely amazing. Everything is so different and amazing and new and amazing and just amazing. There was more than a little stress in the beginning (thanks to Aeroplan) which eventually resulted in my mother being the angriest I’ve EVER seen her while on the phone to Aeroplane, a few tears on my part and a frantic sprint with a HUGE painting in wooden casing to my gate. My legs still hurt from that. Aber ich bin jetzt hier, und alles ist gut.

Everything here is so different. But in a good way. There are so many beautiful forests here, the drive from the airport to my Oma and Opa’s house was astonishingly beautiful, with IMG_1779rolling hills, and picturesque ancient houses. It must be said that absolutely everything here is smaller. The cars, the food, the people (just kidding). The smallest car in Canada would likely be the biggest in Germany, and same with the portions. I went to Altenkirchen (the local town) today to the grocery store with my Oma and it was mind boggling to see how small everything is. In North America it’s all about bulk, how much can I get for lowest price? It’s very different in Germany.

Today I had first breakfast (after my record breaking 13 hours of sleep)693838227a5d7e2b5b01c613af056ba8 and then a quick trip to Altenkirchen. There were two little smiling faces waiting for me when we got back…Benjamin and Florian. After countless games of Sleeping Queens, a game I got for them from Canada, Oma kicked us out and off to their house we went. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed today, as soon as I got to their house I was greeted by seven smiling kids, a dogIMG_1844, l0ts of chocolate and a game of chess with Benjamin. I have now discovered I am absolutely hopeless at chess, especially against the invincible Benjamin. The language barrier might have been a part of it, but I think more than anything it was just my utter inability to comprehend anything about chess. Speaking of language, a ton of kids unable to speak english and countless games of charade and Sleeping Queens has definitely has fIMG_1834orced me to improve my German. Und die Kinder sind sehr süß, sie sind so gedultig mit mir und mir so viel wie sie können. Pios and I bonded over charades and Schleicht animals last night, and tomorrow is Philline’s birthday, so there be will lots of cake, lots of kids and lots of smiles (hopefully)!

After an afternoon of Emilie, Florian and Benjamin begging me if they could sleep over at my house tonight, I finally caved and told them instead I would instead sleep at their house tomorrow night and the night after. The jetlag is currently hitting me hard, I almost fell asleep in the grocery store with my Oma today…much to the displeasment of the person standing behind me that I almost knocked over.

My Opa has told me that we might go visit my aunt and uncle and cousin in London for five or six days while I’m here. THAT IS INSANE. It is absolutely crazy how close everything here is. And how happy I am here. I’ve already asked my Mom if she can extend my flight a few days, and I nearly cried tears of joy when my uncle showed me a flat attached to his house he said I can stay in if I come for longer, or if I go to university in Germany (which is both free, scary and incredibly tempting).  Now I must go to bed, lest I fall asleep here at the kitchen table. I’m so happy with everything here, and I didn’t think I would have any time at all to write because how busy I am, with the 300 children hanging off me, Sleeping Queens cards shoved in my face and the silly putty creations Jacob is intent on showing me.

Bis Bald.


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