Coincidences, Excitement and Dreams

IMG_2936The park I sit in is blanketed in dew; the red and purple sky giving glimpses of the starry night to come. I sit on the luscious grass with shopping bags scattered around me, my aching feet evidence of the exploring and endeavouring done today. The University of Bonn lies in front of me as majestic and elegant as ever, newly purchased travel books sit in my lap.

The city of Bonn is my city of dreams. It truly has everything I have ever imagined, the perfect engineering of all the things that matter to me most. Art galleries and museums like no other, as I discovered today. An absolutely spectacular university both in it’s beauty and it’s actual content. A United Nations campus right in the centre of the city, as well as a world conference centre…my absolute dream. There are endless bike paths and ancient cobblestone streets snaking along the Rhine river, beautiful parks and majestic cathedrals everywhere you look. I really couldn’t ask for more.

Today had been my chance to explore the city on my own, to get to know it on a more personal basis. I started my adventure by visiting an art museum (of course), then navigating the Bonn subway system to get to the city core, and IMG_2931then spending the rest of the day wandering around the cobblestone streets, entering tea shops and book stores on a whim. It was as I was sitting in a Starbucks taking advantage of the free wifi and escaping from the searing heat that one of those magical, coincidental moments happened. As I ordered something in my clumsy German, the girl working behind the counter could tell that I was English, and we started talking. I found out her name is Lydie, she’s from England and she is studying at the United Nations campus in Bonn (!!!!). My immense excitement was obvious to her as she told she studies at the UN campus, and she quickly scribbled her email down for me and told me to email her so we could talk more as other customers walked through the door.

Meeting her has made me all the more excited to potentially find a place for myself in Germany, hopefully at the University of Bonn. It’s somewhere I can see myself being happy, somewhere that has so much potential and opportunities I can hardly wait for this year to be over, which is unfortunate as it hasn’t even started yet.

I write this from my room in Canada, a delayed commentary on what I have done in my last few days in Germany. I promise there is more to come, much more, but it’s important to me that I record these memories in the right way, and so these final posts have been taking much longer than the others have.


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