Winter has arrived.

In the seeming blink of an eye between christmas and now, winter has apparently come. Snow blankets the ground blinding all those who dare to venture out of the house, my mother has gotten stuck in our driveway twice, and the horse now refuses to leave our barn. As my boyfriend constantly teases me, I now refuse to shower in the morning, as doing so would immediately result in my hair becoming frozen the moment I walk out of the door.

This drastic turn of events, from a very balmy christmas day to a morning like yesterday, where I woke up to discover my room was 8 DEGREES cold, has reminded me of a few very important and very exciting things.

  1. Exams are approaching. With it comes an unhealthy amount of stress, undoubtably many tears, and also the welcome end of the english course I have so been stressing over these past few months.

I am undeniably more excited about this second point than I am the first. Words cannot begin to describe the utter longing I am feeling for the beginning of something new, of something exciting and very much out of my comfort zone. I sit here trembling with excitement, not just to see new places, but also to experience them, as well as to meet others with the stories and history I need to widen my perspective of the world.

I nearly cried last week when I awoke to an email from an Italian couple asking if I could tutor their two young daughters in English, and while for the time being I obviously can’t, this has given me all the more reason to do all that I can to achieve these kinds of dreams!

While being so excited for this upcoming year has motivated me in many ways, it has also negatively impacted my life in a few ways. Hard to believe, I know. Sitting through hours upon hours in a classroom listening to the same old thing has become only harder knowing there’s an entire world out there at my fingertips. I’m so ready to move on…to look forward and start a new chapter in my life, as lovely as this one has been. I am all to aware though that this chapter needs to be completed before I can begin writing the next one, even if I’m already nearly done the epilogue.

The snow arriving and along with it a realization that my gap year is in fact nearly here has also made me all the more determined to save up as much as I can before I begin my travels. This has meant a lot of working at the family farm, which really boils down to bottle feeding many calves, cleaning out a decent amount of horse stalls, and the cleaning of many mangers. While I wish that I could say it’s a very easy, clean job, to do so would be lying. I come home each night looking like I have just travelled through Dante’s seven depths of hell and back, and have a very distinctive aroma that refuses to leave my clothes for days at a time.

But I have only become more determined to make this upcoming year the best that I possibly can, by any means necessary.







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