The Art of Reminiscing

Pictures rarely do reality justice. How can a single snapshot capture the beauty of a seemingly everlasting moment? As I stare into the forest and see the thick trees silhouetted by the orange sun rays, the last whispers of a day soon to be known as history, I know that although I may feebly raise […]

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Weather Report

It is currently the sweltering depths of hell here in Germany, with temperatures in the 30s everyone is drowning in a pool of their own sweat. We did lots today, and I must give a forewarning to everyone that the post to follow this one will not be in any way condescended, but rather my […]

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Castle Bound.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity – walks with the kids through the forests, my first “Döner” (which I still can’t say properly), catching up with long lost family and last but not least, an amazing hike to a real life fairytale castle. It’s been a solid 10 on the cool […]

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