Winter has arrived.

In the seeming blink of an eye between christmas and now, winter has apparently come. Snow blankets the ground blinding all those who dare to venture out of the house, my mother has gotten stuck in our driveway twice, and the horse now refuses to leave our barn. As my boyfriend constantly teases me, I […]

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The Ecstasy of Art

  The definition of art varies for each person. Some define it as the way a ray of sunshine reflects off a dew dusted blade of grass at dawn, others define art as a person, a place, a thing. A three letter word that seems so simple at the surface, is exceedingly difficult to understand, […]

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Itchy Feet

I have itchy feet, and what that means is I have a hunger in my eyes and a yearning for something more. I have itchy feet, and what that means is I am made up of two parts travel books, one part hope. I have itchy feet, and what that means is I’ve fallen in […]

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The pitter patter of rain woke this morning from my deep slumber, the whispers of wind dancing with the leaves reminding me that this is my last day. It’s hard to believe that in two days time I won’t have lush green forests surrounding me, nor the nutella smeared faces of countless little cousins. While […]

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There’s a quote that is thrown around frequently, often times in reference to past events gone wrong. This quote is “honesty is the best policy” and while I won’t be using this quote in context with anything gone wrong, I do want to use this as a starting point for what I’m going to say […]

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